Ana Christina Peters

I am a fiction writer and a memoirist.

As a nature-lover growing up in small-town southern Minnesota, I explored the woods, lakes and the Minnesota and Blue Earth Rivers in my hometown. While living in The States, memoir-worthy experiences flew at me like greased shrapnel, and I was injured by more than a few. As has been said by memoirists greater than me, I have a million of 'em. I'm on my second memoir now, about living in a yurt for two years in the high deserts of New Mexico.

These days, I travel mostly in Asia. For nearly a decade, I've lived in South Korea, where I am finishing an historical novel set in the early 1900's and a science fiction/fantasy novel. I teach creative and academic writing to international and Korean students at a university near Seoul. In addition to writing, I mountain climb and enjoy classical concerts, cooking and art. I live with my partner, a Russian mathematician, and our daughter, a tri-colored multi-ethnic cat.