Ana Ribeiro

Student, Web Developer, and Volunteer in State of Paraíba, Brazil

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I am pursuing a bachelor degree in Computer Science, at Federal University of Campina Grande. I am a former Outreachy intern at Mozilla, I also worked as a student researcher at EU Brazil Cloud Connect. I love the free and open web, I also love Esperanto, a planned language.

I have around 4 years of experience in programming mainly with Python and Java.


If you are a Recruiter that saw that on GitHub, please don't loose your time contacting me if you want:

- A project manager;

- A very experienced developer;

Also, I am only available for jobs in Europe and Brazil (I have a Portuguese and Brazilian citizenship), so please don't contact me with offers in other places of the world (maybe in US if immigration help is available).

Sorry for being so rude, I am just a bit tired of recruiters spamming me with job offers that I am not available for.

On other ways, you may contact me :) :)