Ana Cristina Pratas

Education and Consultant in Finland

Ana Cristina Pratas

Education and Consultant in Finland

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Educator and learner; blogger and curator. Professional experience includes:

Teacher Training,

Designing Online courses and teaching/facilitating Distance Education courses,

Business English for Professional Training,

EAP, ESP, LSP and Social Media Management.

Interested in the different facets of online education, digital literacies, teacher training, distance learning, OER and ICT for education. A special interest in Instructional Course Design, Digital Literacies, Critical Learner Design, Critical Pedagogy, Transmedia and Social Media Management.

Fostering critical thinking and creative innovation, sustaining positive change and enabling voice to learners has been a daily practice throughout my teaching career.

Enjoys photography, swimming, travelling and endless open skies.

Currently located Europe. Interested in international collaboration within the field of Online/Distance Education, English for International Business Communication and Educational Consultancy.