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Ana David


I am Ana David, an internet worker.

A Continuous Learner, a goal-oriented person, definitely a Happy one!

For quite a time, I have been exploring many ways to work online for the goal of living a life I want. I specifically enjoy travelling and spending more time with my family and friends. I enjoy learning. Printed books and e-books alike shower on my desk from time to time and I would love to have the time to get into them as I please. I know that this is just not possible with a 10 hour daily work. And so from various seminars and learning tools, I have equipped myself into doing what I have previously envisioned myself capable of.

I should say that it is not impossible. What I encourage you is to START.

If your goal is quite similar to mine, then I wish this site could be of great help to you in achieving yours.

God bless!