Israel and USA

Oblah Dee Oblah Da life goes on....

The journey of life is full of surprises. Sometimes we are walking through the valley, sometimes joyfully dancing on the mountain tops and oft times, jumping off the cliff not sure if we will crash or learn to fly....

I have journeyed through seperation, abuse and hatred - culturally, nationally and personally, eventually to heal and

become a healer, to find love for myself, for those I perceived as my enemy, revealing the foundation of every human being.- that being LOVE and the key to freedom, being FOR GIVE NESS! ( in Hebrew ness is a miracle)

A peace practiontioner who has turned her life from tragic to magic, from pieces to peace and today I fly with joy as I share with others what I have learned. I share through poetry, through private healing sessions and workshops.

I co founded a peace organisation in 2003 - Creativity for Peace, which brings together Israeli and Palestinian teenage girls for healing and reconciliation. I am now creating a new international peace pillow project through a book I have written, BILLY BULLY'S WAKE UP DREAM.

And the best of all, I am the mom of three amazing grown children - and soon to become a grandmom....!!!

Have written two books and two more in process

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