Gen Anaele Paschal

Father, Psychologist, and military in Sacramento, California

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Gen Anaele Paschal from the US ARMY SPECIAL OPERATION COMMAND,living in California Sacramento a four(4) star General under Operating system by the UN as a SECRET AGENT.

He believe success comes from finding the right people to connect with,learning about people and their experiences/passions, learning something new everyday, and building off those relationships,and also a good partner .It's all about who you know and building out your business.

A widower lost his wife,she died of cancer of the liver,leaving him with a wonderful and lovely son Keith 16 yrs of age,schooling in Accra Ghana.he is his life and he lived for him and wish the best for his son.he has traveled more than 25 countries in the world,with high intellectual values and respect in the Force.

He is a God fearing man and love honesty and trust in his friendship,and want any one to be around him to have a good qualities of a good friendship.and a straight forward in everything he does in life.

He has a home in Portland Oregon,Rochester NY,and few investment,his Father is from Serbia and his Mother from California.

He usually made a statement''what you imagine you can achieve''and his goals are to meet this wonderful woman,or a better friend in life,to live together till their dying days,life is all about the Chances we take to achieve our destiny.

He has served the Military with all his heart and has respect for human and treat others like they want to be treated.

Success is a "self belief" and commitment to anything you do will yield a positive result.