Anaelle Labonne

I'm Anaelle. I come from Mauritius, an island full of wonders and oily cakes.

Currently a part-time student and part-time human. I like to see myself as being creative and polyvalent. Life's too short for monotasking. Moreover, I favor simplicity and natural things, admit being a real foodie and a bit of an animal-rights activist, environmentalist and a feminist.

Animals are one of the things I love the most, I believe that the human race is no superior to the other species.

I like being knowledgeable about everything. I'm curious and the fact that I tend to be too nice has brought me to being somehow bullied. Let's say I understand bullied people on an emotional basis.

However, I see myself as a warrior with a soft heart. I've got strong morals also. But I do not claim to be a saint.

Nevertheless :)

I'm a fighter.

"Never bend your head. Always hold it high. Look the world right in the eye. - Helen Keller"