Ana Filipa Lourenço

I used to think I would spend my life as a lab rat, investigating all the cool diseases and helping the world through my scientific feats. Many things happened, and now I'm aiming to help through other ways.One might think, following the common stereotype, that all accountants are nitpicky... well... we somewhat are. It's our thing,we are expected to be thorough with details.But at the same time, we have the knowledge to help you in many many ways, from "what type of loan should I get to buy my dream house?" to "We want to build another factory and expand. Should we?" or better yet "Help me, i want to build my own business!"In a way, we are dream builders.This is why even though I wasn't expecting to become an accountant, I really love what I do.Please, do contact me if you need help with anything.At the moment I'm fullly available and actively searching for a payed opportunity in the field.

  • Education
    • Vocational training at Tecla Lisboa - Forma73o Profissional
    • Instituto Superior de Contabilidade e Administra73o de Lisboa