Anahi Brown

Public Speaker, Life Coach, and Chef in Qatar

Hi! I'm Anahi Brown and I'm a certified Holistic Wellness and Lifestyle Coach with over 10 years of corporate and one-on-one experience, published author, motivational speaker, joy seeker and Holistic Nutrition enthusiast.

I work following my greatest passion: Supporting and Empowering women to discover the Holistic Nourishment they need in order to regain their wellness; heal their bodies, minds and souls; find their joyful purpose, and thrive through life.

I believe in achieving changes through a personalized transformative style that allows my clients and followers to regain control of their wellness and joy so that they to can thrive in life using tools tailored for their own needs.

My work combines nutrition and nourishment, emotional empowerment, mindful living, intentional action and inspiring relationship work to obtain a full, rich and vibrant experience in life regardless of personal labels, geographic locations and stages in life, because in the end everyone deserves to live purposeful, joyful and empowered lives.