My school

Hello. My name is Anahi Fernandez. I'm 13 years old and I'm from General Pico, an small city in Argentina. I'm a student at Normal Mixta school. I'm in 3rd year ESB.
I like my school. It is a very big school with more than 700 students. My favourite place in the school is laboratory.
In my country, the school year starts in March and finishes in December. In my school, classes are from 7.45 to 13.00. Our uniform is only to use white smock. In our classroom we are 28 students and there aren't any computer.
I dislike mi classroom because it has old tables and chairs. My favorite subject is biology and my favourite teacher is Beatriz Troiani (she is my Physicochemical teacher) because she is sympathetic. My favourite day is friday because I love weekends to rest and enjoy.
I have many best friends, I love them all, they are Laly, Bren, Gabi, Meli, Bruji and Maggie