Anais Paccione

Student and Writer in Brick, New Jersey

Hi there-- I'm Anaïs. I am a first-generation college graduate, Latina, big sister, and former dance extraordinaire. Now, I'm a law student spending the vast majority of my time chasing dreams in the entertainment law field.

I graduated from Vassar College in 2014, with a double major in Media Studies and Hispanic Studies. At Vassar, I was quite active in the dance community, coming from a performing arts background. I studied abroad in Madrid, and adore Spanish and Latin American culture.

I began law school at Seton Hall in the fall of 2014, where I have declared an Intellectual Property concentration. My interests in the law lie in entertainment, multimedia, and sports. I am an executive board member of Seton Hall's Latin American Law Students chapter. Recently, I completed my Note for the Seton Hall Legislative Journal, which focused in on labor rights for fashion models.

At this time, I am exploring summer work opportunities and finishing out my 2L year.