Ana Jasso

Freelance Makeup Artist

Image Consultant

Aspiring Photographer

Mother and Wife

I loved Makeup, Fashion and Photography since I could remember. At 16 when I first started working, my first salary (for a full month) was saved for one thing only a Canon Camera. Since then I've never stoped taking pictures. As a child I was amazed on how my mother would transform her self with makeup and stylish outfits. It was like a ritual. I could never understand how brushes and colors would dramadicly change someones apereance. I learned so much from her growing up and new I wanted to help women look and feel beautiful just like she did.

As an adult, life took me to a diferent path and was afraid to persuade my dream as an "artist" and decided to work in the corporative world. I worked for the same company for more than 12 years. I loved it and gain so much experience and life long friendships but I new it was not what I wanted to do the rest of my life.

After thinking about it and the support of my husband, I decided to quit my job, went back to school and persuade my dream. Now I can say I love what I do and will do this for the rest of my life.

Ana Jasso