Antoine Najm

Paris, France

I am a 26(27, soon 28 :) )year old crisis survivor in Paris, France.

Currently I am a research analyst in corporate governance issues for Europe and the MENA region at ISS.

I spent the first 18 years of my life in Lebanon, where I finished high school and traveled to France for my university degree, and still living there after 9 years.

I have a degree in Economincs and Finance, one in international trade, and a Masters degree in international business and european public affairs. But I have to say the most important degree I have is a multicultural vision of the world, enriched by many experiences.

Cities I've lived in include Paris, Brussels, London, and my home country Lebanon.

I love to research and debate and publish, so I am looking forward to any opportunity to cooperate with any critical thinker to challenge whatsoever ideas and conceptions with reasearch.

If you want to know more about me I guess reading my blog will give you an image of how the guy in the picture (who's getting older !) thinks about things.

  • Work
    • Currency Exchange Officer
  • Education
    • Masters in International Business and European Public Affairs
    • Masters in International Trade and geostrategy
    • BS in Economics and Finance