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Artist in Florida

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hello, thank you for clicking the link. please read everything before requesting me!

i'm juliet, i don't want to be called by anything other than my name or my kins name. my pronouns are they/them, if you have a problem with that you don't have to request, it's that simple. i'm 14 turning 15 on the 22 of july. i live in florida. i love to draw, sketch, color, anything artsy pretty much. it's my passion along with medical care. i find medicine and surgical care fascinating. i'm definitely NOT single, and i don't plan on being single. i'm taken by my absolute everything, oliver and i couldn't be happier. so if you have a problem with him i wouldn't request. i'm very aggressive and assertive, i'm not ashamed of my personality at all, i can be rude and hurtful so don't try me thank.

that's all for the introduction part (keep in mind i'll be updating this)

kins, ids & favorites (i hate doubles with a passion, if you're going to double tag with me i'll remove my tag, just don't tag me at all if that's the case):

- mikan tsumiki (kin and/or id, NO doubles, if you think you're me or have a friend that kins me than i recommend not requesting 'kay)

- nagito komaeda (favorite,, you don't have to tag me as him, but it'd be appreciated)

- hajime hinata (favorite a.k.a husband, you don't have to tag me)

- stocking anarchy (kin, she's my first kin when i got back into kinning, this is not acception, it's me xd absolutely NO doubles)

- nico yazawa (favorite) !!!

- yoshiko tsushima (favorite) !!!

- emilia satella (favorite)

- asuna yuuki (favorite)

- oreki houtaro (favorite) !!!

friends kins, ids & favorites ♡:

kae: kae serinuma, kanan matsuura, hanayo koizumi, peridot, mirajane strauss, honoka kousaka, silver the hedgehog

irem: kotori itsuka, lucy heartfilia, eru chitanda, mari ohara, maki nishikino, riko sakurauchi

bell: v/jihyun kim, mahiru koizumi, garry

sanny: yasuke matsuda, nezumi, utakata, juzo sakakura

jade: touka kirishima, erza scarlet, bishamon, kaya irimi, uta, jellal fernandes, gajeel, kazuma

do follow if:

- you like the same animes or mangas as me

- if we have some mutual friends

- just wanna be friends

don't follow if:

- you're looking for a fight

- you're friends with people i don't get along with

- you're racist, homophobic, very hateful towards people with a certain belief and transphobic.

- you're a HYPOCRITE

- if you're going to block me cause i don't talk to you that much. i have a life out of social media and i tend to be held up.

dm me a picture of my kin to be accepted