Student and Editor in United States

Student and Editor in United States

Date me

☂ carter (he/him)

☂ PLEASE call me by my other names if we share a canon

☂ a minor (13)

☂ mentally ill (u can ask)

☂ not actually factkin

🆔 fictkin —

🆔 here is a link to my kinlist if ur interested! there's too much stuff i'd have to add here so

👾 interests —

👾 universes: the flash, shadowhunters, pjo/hoo, star wars, pokemon, eddsworld

👾 ships: coldflash, westallen, malec, anidala, vikklan, tomtord

👾 people: grant gustin, vikram barn, candice patton, andy mientus, wentworth miller, matthew daddario, lachlan power, edd gould

👾 other: OWLS!

💜 qpps —

💜 pam (@astroprincess)

💜 maggie (@koto.minami)

💜 cal (@simonfactkin)

💜 meg (@harryfactkin)

💜 mabel (@bleventeen)

💜 dany (@daenerysstormbrn)

☸ triggers —

☸ any visuals/mentions of horror (especially sl*nd*rm*n and any creepypasta)

☸ visuals of bugs (it doesn't matter what type)

☸ visuals of A LOT of blood (lil cuts, scars, bruises, stuff like that is ok)

👿 don't follow if —

👿 u think either u or ur friends are me, my ids, or my kins

👿 u strongly dislike my interests

👿 u strongly dislike either ghost, fire, or ice type pokemon

👿 u strongly dislike my qpps

👿 u won't tag my triggers in the location w/ either the name carter, barry, or magnus

👿 ur homophobic, transphobic, or just an overall nasty person

👿 u kin/id as camille belcourt, palpatine (honestly how and why the frick), eobard thawne, or hunter zolomon

👿 u think coldflash is abusive

🔮 if ur all good to follow, dm me "it's pretty swell!" with the exclamation point

🔮 note: i might not accept, i'm still a bit uncomfortable having new mutuals, i'm sorry!