anakin skywalker

im anakin im 16 and in highschool

always talk to me ab star wars and if ur also star wars kin please hmu, altho two of my friends are poe and kylo ren so if u kin with them i probably wont let u follow bc they dont like doubles.

i am also italy from hetalia! im looking for people from my canon, i have found hungary, japan, and america.

my secondary kin is chibi moon from sailor moon

i watch lots of tv shows so like hmu ab that too if u see me post smth u watch too

i do have a severe anxiety disorder and depression and some other tendencies that i dont like going into detail about bc theyre sort of stigmatized? if we're close ill probably talk about it.

bc of those i use being kin with anakin to cope in a way but im also 100% fine w other anakin kins and everything.

ny favorite animal is flying squirrels just a fun fact ;)

welcome to my twisted ankle 😩

sometimes i uninstall kik bc my parents check my phone and sometimes ill just go inactive bc being on social media just kinda slips my mind if im busy