Ana laura Nuñez Gutierrez

I call me ana laura
I have eighteen years
I was born on December 30, 1995
I am from Chiapas villaflores
I live with my parents on a farm and is called paradiseI have two brothers
I studied in primary daffodil Mendoza this in the colony Guadalupe Victoria
I studied in the technical secondary nº55 of the colony Jesus Maria Garza
After I left school and was gonna get in high school I had to leave too many friends I was in high demaciados friends rather than in high school
I entered high school I had to get used to my new friends in high school would
At first it enters the high school did not want to be there because I missed my friends I had in high school.
I spent all this time in high school because I was left with many memories of my friends, because we spent very fun things and especially llebabamos us very well and when someone was her birthday and we were doing us we organized a surprise party.
Then when we left we started high school all excited because finally we managed to get out of high school and ivam to take the sect of each and you would like to study.
when everyone starts to say goodbye to all the comrades we began to mourn because everyone should go their own way and was well as everyone said someday we would meet again to see how we had been in our new sect that we had taken.
when I went to submit my entrance exam to college not think if iva aquedar but when told what ivan day to publish the result set I never imagined I could be.

when you get to college not thought to have many friends as when I was in high school.

I took them really well and until today that I aido best in school and with my friends.
and thanks to my parents support me in school to succeed.