Han Jun Low


WAIT A SEC, HOLD THAT THOUGHT, ADD ME ON (begin: shameless self-prommotion) LINKEDIN SO WE CAN SAVE HUMANITY FROM BAD FINANCE ( end: shameless self-prommotion)

He is a lonely vigilante of the night. While The City sleeps, he works at the one thing that he does best: STOCK AND MACROECONOMIC ANALYSIS. He uses this analysis personally to invest, or professionally to inform his readers on Seeking Alpha. ANALYSIS is his greatest tool, to inform the INNOCENT of truly undervalued investments, while beating Bad Investments into a fine spray of red fluid!

His Arch-Nemesis Bad Burrrnankey was recently replaced by Yellin' Yellen (after his Evil Plot was revealed); although with a cleaner slate, her Evil Powers of Quazi Explosiveness are fundamentally the same.

He has been very profitable in his stock investments, and would be happy to answer any question YOU, YES YOU, might have on almost any share and indeed the economy in general. (feel free to ask him any old thing, really)

Should a challenging career with the right properties turn up however, he simply could not turn it down. More a starving artist than a Bruce Wane, there is not much he can do without HUGE GOBS OF CAPITAL. If he had HUGE GOBS OF CAPITAL, he COULD SAVE THE WORLD from Bad Finance.

Gold, Gold miners are strong bets in this economy of chaos. Zijin Mining and Sibanye have been good to me so far.

edit: There are times when even the brightest of heros must return to their cave and brood; here The Analyst shall recount his thoughts, haphazard though they be:

Bad finance, economic ruin

Poverty and corruption, anarchy and chaos

Ukraine overthrows democratically elected govt, Crimea secedes.

Iranians with fake passports, one American family, plane full of Chinese

Chaos, gold

See the similarity?

I have certainly staked my reputation on gold, at its very bottom I bought in at 1200USD/ounce and argued for its rise. 'Experts' could not dissuade me; and my research has proven correct. In economic crises, war/chaos is predictable; not in specific, but in general.

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