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You have no doubt seen a blind person being guide across a busy intersection by a Seeing Eye dog. These functional companions have been used to help disabled people become independent for years. No body knows exactly when the idea of a Seeing Eye dog had become however it has been proposed that dogs have been used in such a potential in various cultures for-a extended time. It is known, but, that there is no official guide-dog program available until after the First World War.

Why German Shepherds?

Many individuals have probably wondered why guidebook dogs and Seeing Eye dogs are so often German Shepherds. There are two reasons. First, the German Shepherd includes a strong sense of respect to its owner, giving it natural protective behaviors. Having an extremely defensive dog as a partner is an obvious tool for someone who might otherwise be easily attacked by someone with bad intentions. The second reason is far simpler; the first manual dogs for the blind and visually impaired were trained in Germany to provided aid for those blinded in the war.

Following the end of World War I, Germany was in-a state of financial depression. Many private businesses failed and the Potsdam, Germany school that trained the guide dogs for the blind was one of them.

The Seeing Eye was born

An American woman named Dorothy Eustis had found out about the program and decided it was a really worthwhile effort. Since she held a company that has been education German Shepherds as working dogs, she decided she might make an effort to train guide dogs for the blind. She did not begin this right away, nevertheless. In reality she was still considering the possibilities when she wrote an account for The Saturday Evening Post about the potential for guide dogs for the blind.

A Nashville man named Morris Frank had heard the story and decided to be in touch with Ms. Eustis and ask her to coach your dog for him. Be taught more on this partner article directory - Navigate to this link: analyze scott's k9. She did and Mr. Frank became referred to as the initial blind person to use a guide dog.

As part of a design hed created using Ms. Eustis, Mr. Frank began training guide dogs in the Usa. The building blocks that Mr. Frank began was called The Seeing Eye and the dogs that were used were named Seeing Eye dogs.

Guide dogs are trained to help people with numerous prob