Ana María Tovar

Starving consumer insights & market trends in order to create true love for brands. Looking for colorful projects demanding quality & uniqueness. I am Mexican; however, I have had the opportunity to prepare and grow professionally in Canada, USA and Europe; this is why I consider myself a Multicultural Marketer.

I look for the real understanding of the interaction between consumers & brands to come up with meaningful and usable information. I deliver clear and reasonable solutions to problems and identify beneficial Marketing opportunities through knowledge and perception skills.

Today, thinking globally, acting locally is a MUST.

For me knowledge has no limits. I love spending time creating; therefore, I am not afraid of communicating my ideas. I respect and value diversity and believe in teamwork as a key to success. I like to make things happen.

If not a Marketer, I am a dancer; my second passion. Music is my muse and photography is my hobby. Caring about nature and getting involved in adventures is refreshing. Routine is out of my to-do list.

  • Education
    • Master Degree in Marketing and Marketing Research