Ana Maria Certain

Miami, Florida

Hard Facts

Full Name: Ana Maria Certain
Age: 28 years old
Nationality: American & Colombian
Languages: Fully bilingual Spanish- English. 10 years of French but can probably get by with a decent conversation. Basic love and understanding of Portuguese & Catalan
Current Location: Miami, Florida

My favorite achievements:

Executive Masters in Marketing & Sales Graduate: Talk about stress management (job+work)! Here's more info on my experience here!

Obra Social Marin Murgas Fundraiser: For Christmas 2012, I helped raise funds to build a community bathroom and a water well for families living in Maria La Baja, Colombia. Check out the website here!

What I love doing:

Organize stuff: projects, processes, spaces

Solve tough problems

Think outside the box

Inspire people

Stuff about me you won't find on my resumé:

Open Water PADI

I'm 1% away from passing my Google Fundamentals Test & 1 step closer to getting certified

Travel addict

My favorite color is blue!

  • Work
    • OMD
  • Education
    • ESADE
    • Florida International University
    • SDA Bocconi