Nerd in Panamá


Nerd in Panamá

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Hi! My name is Ana, you can also call me any kin name if you want!

My main interest is pokemon rn, but I also enjoy other things!

I go by she/her pronouns

I'm from Panama! 🇵🇦 my main language is Spanish


•Primary (please don't follow if you id or kin with the following characters)

- Dexholder White from Pokespe

- Marry Kozakura from Kagepro/Mekakucity Actors

•Secondary (ask)

-Link from TLoZ

-Lana from pokemon SM

•synpaths (these characters are not kins, I just relate to them a lot. It's totally okay to follow if you kin with them, If you don't mind too!)

- Chiaki Nanami from Danganronpa

- Mina Ashido from BNHA

- Serena from Pokemon XY/XYZ


These are characters I looove a lot! you can tag me as them if you want, they're just super special to me.

- Keith Kogane from Voltron

- Alain from Pokemon XY/XYZ

-Red from Pokemon

- Ash ketchum from Pokemon

- Renzou Shima from Blue Exorcist

- Mami Tomoe from PMMD

- Gary Oak from Pokemon

-Reigen Arataka from MP100


If you read all this dm me "braixen" so I know you did!