Niki Morris

Small Business Owner in Strand, South Africa

Niki Morris

Small Business Owner in Strand, South Africa

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Hi my name is Niki, and I'm the owner of Anam Cara Rustic Art based in Somerset West.

Anam Cara in Celtic, means Soul Friend....Anam Cara is a spiritual companion whose aim is to bring a person's inmost nature to surface. It is a means by which the soul can be revealed, and thus bond with other souls seeking a spiritual connection.

Each pieces represents something personal to the me. A journey of the soul which I would very much like to share with you all.. I hope you will see the beauty in every piece as much as I do.

Anam Cara Rustic Art Frames was created with the "soul" intention of not only recycling old window frames but capturing specially selected images by the artist allowing you a glimpse into her soul...


Reverse Transferred Images on Refurbished/Recycled Rustic Old Window Frames and other mediums which include, Wood, Tiles & even Beach Stones Each Unique!

Many of the old window frames I have left as is, to show the true nature and character of each piece. Many will still have nails embedded into them for even more distressed and rustic appearance. You can even hang your jewellery on them.

Some frames have been sanded or repainted

Although the frame or print once transferred can never be duplicated, I do have copies of the actual images used should you want to order that specific image on your chosen medium.

Remember...The same effect can never be reproduced, which makes each piece one of a kind.

Personalised Orders are Welcome.

Give me a call on. 082 290 8258 or enquire at Anam Cara's Store situated at Agora Vintage Store, Paardevlei, Somerset West.

"In the sky there is no East or West, we make these distinctions in the mind, then believe them to be true"