Anand Manikutty

Head of Data Science in Bangalore, India

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Hello there,

I’m Anand Manikutty. I’m the Head of Data Science for a company based in India.

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Although no longer an academic, I've had success working in research in a number of different areas, including philosophy, strategic management, linguistics, and Indology. My style of research is to gain a good deal of expertise in several areas, and then to work & publish in these areas. I was a professor only for about 1.5 years when I briefly took up an adjunct position at Hartnell College in California due to a change in life circumstances.

Like many people in my family, I like to read up on a number of different areas. Where I've tried to be different is that I've also tried to attack one or two big problems in the areas that I study. Areas where I have been successful in deriving novel results include philosophy, linguistics, Indology, and poetics. I have also contributed to a textbook - working with my father, who is a professor - in the area of Strategic Management that is considered a classic in its field.

I tend to return to the area of business/management research, since that is my core area. You can read more about my research work on my blog:

IMHO, the way to go about being successful in research is something like this: (a) pick a narrow field of human inquiry; (b) spend a lot of time to get really good at it; & (c) publish. There are lots of things we still don't know in many fields of human inquiry, and so, there's much scope for good work.

My areas of academic publishing are Computer Science & Technology, and Business Research, and I consider these my core areas of expertise.

As for educational qualifications, I am an alumnus of IIT Madras, the University of Wisconsin, Stanford University and Harvard Business School. Thanks for stopping by my Page!


This bio is WIP. If you would, please do send me feedback on any or all of the content as it was written using A.I. that is still under development.


A last word: I believe that it is important for modern societies to value individuals who will come up with good ideas. At least, one good idea every ten years sounds about right. I tell students in my classes to adopt this rather modest sounding goal that is, nevertheless, quite achievable.

A book of poetry written w/ A.I.:


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