Anand Rudra

Therapist, tantra teacher, and Bodyworker Sacred Sexuality Coach in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Anand was raised in a Shamanic and Mexican esoterical culture by a father (Mexican Spirita and Shaman) and by the grandmother ( Yaqui Mexican Medical Woman) Since he was young, he was attracted to the esoterical world. As a hobby, he has been studying tarot, psycho-magia, symbology, ritualism, tantra, sacred geometry, and shamanism.

He studied International Relations. Holds an M.A. in Studies of the United States; another M.Sc on Law & Economics of the UE and Ph.D. A.S.D on Security of UE.

For the last 15 years, he has been living in Europe.

Life Experience & Formal Studies around Tantra and esoterics :

* Symbolism and Ritualism on North-America within the MA.

* Tantric Ritualism, its influence in Modern Society.

* Esoteric and hermeneutical Studies Specialization on Tantra Rituals and Energies on the Human Body

* Deep Training on Tantra Buddhist Meditation.

* Synergetic Tantra Massage, Professional Training

* Studies on Prana Healing Techniques

* Tantra Training Residential Course for One Year

* Academic Research on Tantra conducted with Alegraluz Company and Bindu Center

* Tantra Independent Masseur and Therapist for more than 16 years.

* Tantra Masseur, Therapist and Business Developer with Alegraluz International.

* Tantrika for more than 16 years the last 10 years director of 3 main projects Bindu Centers; Kinnara Center and TrueTantra (since 2010).

* Director of EATP (European Association of Tantra Professionals)

* Yoga Alliance & Arhanta registered teacher 200hrs and 500hrs YACEP authorized Yoga & Tantra Yoga teacher.

* Designed and crafted according to Agama Books and Kahula tradition the following methods:

- Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga Practice ( instructor and teacher´s)

- True Tantra Methodology Practice (Massage, Bodyworker, Facilitator, Therapist (Dakha & Dakhini)

- Developed The M.O.M (modern "multiorgasmic man" training )

- Primal Tantra & Shamanism Methods ( Tengerism & the Cosmic Dialogue )

- Investigation and development of Tibetan Pulsing Methods

- Investigating and development on Transpersonal approach to Tantra

*Designed over 200 different workshops on Tantra & Sacred Sexuality *Directed & Facilitated professional training on Tantra since 2008.

* Specialist on Men´s Sacred Sexuality

*Part of the Faculty of the Connection University in The Netherlands.

* Part of the Faculty of Ethiosfera Project ( Spanish based Holistic and tantric center )

* Tantric Professional Presence in Europe, Mexico, Colombia, Indonesia, & South Africa.

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