Anand Krishnan

Photographer and Writer in Navi Mumbai, India

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Born to a TamBram family in Mumbai and been a sales professional for 17 years. Sold everything from garments and long distance phone services to credit cards and shipping containers.

Have been crazy about wheels ever since I first saw one and the penchant for curiosity led to stealing my dad’s car keys at age 10. What happened to me after that is a different story but I lived to tell the tale to many. Collected various scale models over the years and aspired to drive most. That dream remains to be fulfilled.

I wasn’t the blue eyed boy in school or college but kind of an all rounder who bagged some awards and accolades in sports, debates and other competitions. Took up commerce as my field of study in university and fortunately passed out with a distinction. The world turned to computers in the late 90’s and I equipped myself with an additional diploma in software engineering. Though I loved coding in different languages, felt I was better off with people more than the keyboard.

My first job was in sales and so was the last one until mid 2015. Somewhere in late 2009, I accomplished a MBA with a specialization in marketing. Been fortunate to work with excellent co-workers and superiors and handled challenging key clientele. I have had reasonable corporate success over the years but deep down was drawn to nothing else but a career close to automobiles.

I had some opportunities to participate in TSDs, drags, autocross and races. Also started reading more about the industry in magazines and through online content. And felt, would like to be a part of something similar. Have been an avid traveler and photographer, who enjoys capturing various moments through the lens and putting them together as a part of the story that I enjoy writing about. I particularly enjoy candid, street and travel photography. This led to creating my own blog with some write ups on travelogues and various topics.

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