Pavoine Ananda

My name is Ananda. I'm student in architecture school of Marseille. And I live in Luminy, next to the Calanques, the most beautiful campus in the world! Before, I lived in Dauphin, a very little village in Provence.

I love architecture because we do so much different things: project, fine arts, history of architecture and arts, sociology, construction... We go in different city in the world: Amsterdam, Barcelone, and Paris. Teachers come and explain us a lot of things in the city.

Marseille is also a very interesting city. It's the first big city after my little village and I love it! But I'd like to see other cities like Lyon, Grenoble, Paris... and go one years in an other country. Maybe Italy, Spain or an English country. I'd love to go in an Asiatic country but the language is so hard!

After my studies, I'll go round the world to discover all the country of the world. Later, I want to work in different country and live in different country: two years in Japon, three years in Canda, five years in India, three years in Russia...