Ananda Mahardika

My last name isn't kadarshian or jenner, however MAHARDIKA. My 1st name is ANANDA. May, I ramshackle student but in the other people everyone seeing me is a plummy student. Right now, I'm partly of Budiantoro genus and Malahayati Islamic High School.

When heliacal called me I just woke up for run-up about school and gunna to stay on there. Then, during the late afternoon called out my self, I wanna back to home to vegging out body of mines. When Phoebe saw me, I made tracks to the pad. As I know, I could conclude about it that Ananda Mahardika available in everywhere.

Some people adore my slumber, my attribute and my appearance, unfortunately I never demand it. Only be glamour, imagination and elegant who I need from they.

Is Mahardika have a passion? Yes, he is. He take a fancy like anything related with entertainment.

Being glamour cannot take me be silk-stocking. I still looking forward my aspiration. I have a dream to be civil engineering, doctor, actor, singer, and entertainer.

In here I wish your were here forever. Keep tuning on my heyday. Check my site everyday to be glamour than slang people. Spread the peace, love, and glamour.

Best regards