Anandaraj C S

Hey, I am Anand. I am part of Make a Difference a.k.a MAD. MAD is a youth volunteer network which is functioning in 19 cities across India with 3500 children and 1000+ teachers. We at MAD believe that the inequality in the society can be bridged through education. So we provide underprivileged children with quality education. We follow Cambridge University curriculum which is taught by our well trained youth volunteers, it is the same curriculum which is taught to highly privileged children in today’s India. But we give the same education to our children at less than two dollars a month.

We at MAD don’t like to crib about the poor functioning of our society or don’t like to blame how India was or is, because we feel that we are responsible and we are the new India. So to empower our new India and to bridge the inequality in it, we just don’t provide education to underprivileged children. But we provide something more, which in many cases even their parents fail to provide and that is HOPE! HOPE FOR A GREAT FUTURE.

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