New York, New York, United States

Your decision to book an appointment with me is most appreciated. In order to save time answering defining questions and eliminate misunderstandings, please carefully review the below information so you can know if my services are the right choice for you:

I am not a licensed masseur, nor do I advertise myself as such. I am trained in using a mix of proven effective touch and energy healing based techniques for the purposes of unblocking and promoting the energy flow throughout your body to stimulate release of the ego-mind, relax your body’s systems and bring about a better state of awareness for your spirit to use its body-mind connection for better use of your creative energy. This means that potentially you can experience relaxation and enjoyment of releasing blockages to your creative energy flow in your whole body. Energetic blockages however present themselves in the body physically in many ways. I can assist you in the start to resolve these issues - if you’re looking for/need a deep tissue therapeutic or sports massage, please find a licensed masseur.

• Restore vitality & vigor

• Relieve built-up tension

• Naturally healing

As a client you won’t be asked to do anything you are 100% comfortable with. This requires understanding the difference between comfort and gratification. Obviously, the less clothing worn, the greater the benefit by actual contact with the skin, allowing for a greater connection and more energy to flow and be unblocked, as the skin is the largest receptive organ of the body. As a practitioner I do not engage or promote risky behavior. It is most important that you know I am not here to hurt, manipulate or use anyone. I promote the knowledge, use and techniques of energy healing principles for wellness and health in all areas of life. All techniques I use are safe and I always respect your boundaries and discretion and appreciate your mutual practice of these ideals.

I am not an escort or model so if you’re particularly looking for these services, please find an advertised professional.

Thanks, I hope this helps in your decision to contact me: