Haifa Navisa

Student in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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7ElLo,GuYs! (Sorry my keypad was error lol:p) ​


K then,My real name is Viryal Sauzan Ghaidy Haifa Navisa HAHA so long right. Atleast,people usually called me VISA. I don't have time to hate people who hates me. I'm too busy loving people who loves me. I love makes people around me smile and happy due me aihihi. I'm 16 YLO(u'll calculate how old am i now?😢) A girl who was born in Jakarta on September 24, 1997. Blessed for LIBRA ̄ ³ ̄. I'm Indonesian,Chineese and Arabian blooded-descent from ma mom-grandma..but u feel weird when look at me. Cuz wht? yea ppl didnt believe that i have rather snub nose haha dunno why but fyi still look cute #JK;p I'm a girl who stays in Jeddah KSA when i was 1st grade junior high school as an unpredictable teenage girl, a bestfriend, a trustworthy, a lover, a cheerful highschooler student, a daydreamer, and i wish i could find my part of my soul. Have a boyfie and being my husband which so truthfully and hold me what i can stand for till my last breath-[someday] So, keep saying, AMIINN 0:) GEEEZZ :)) I'm a short&fair-complexioned; girl with a super duper cool-mind and talkative. HM what else..i easily get bored, freaky, lovable, trustworthy, pretty awesome, enthusiasm, bashful, sympathetic, creative, sensitive, hardthinker, good listener and.. i'm a muslim and i'm proud ☺. Well that's ain't enough:)) oh yea, i'm the type of a girl that hard to fall in love #Liar😹, smile and laugh a lot, who loves to walk, loves to shopping lol tbh sometimes i become incredibly weird, i always fight for what's right, enjoy learning new things, lead to solve your problems instead of my own. I hate telling people about my problems ( they dont need to worry about me,right?:" ) , always sing to all of songs are in my head, adores little children, don't like to eat much (lol habibi). Imma tryin to be a good person. Moi random interests: my beloved family, e-mslacava:3, music, violin, pastel colors, red, cute stuff, books, writing, bubblegums, editing, painting, moodbooster, roses, hugs, perfumes, cakes, internet, ice creams, chocolates, games, Rahart adams wew dats my luvvvv haha, cute cartoon characters, fairytales, having a new friends, kind of flower crown,lollypop,photography and design as well,etc. Dislikes: clown, insects, cigarette, seeing someone cries:( , selfish people, ego, hypocrites, poisson. Well,diz really enough,Bby.


  • Education
    • Present: Insan Cendekia Sekar Kemuning Islamic Boarding School Cirebon
    • Past: International Of Indonesian School Jeddah, KSA