Anand Garg

Director in Mumbai, India

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Anand is a senior business leader with diverse industry experience globally.

The former Chief Executive Officer of Seven Hills Healthcare Pvt Ltd, Anand Garg has over 3 decades of diverse industry experience in P&L Management, Marketing, Strategy and Sales Management. Reporting directly to the Board, he has led a team of 2500 medico and non-medico professionals. He has also worked as Group Chief Executive Officer, Reime NIS, Africa and ME where he led a global team of senior professionals and managed a global business in 17 countries. Anand currently works independently to advise select NBFCs on their Strategy and investment decisions. Anand has served in India, South Africa, Sub Saharan Africa Region and Nepal and now operates from Mumbai, India.

Anand has over 3 decades of experience in managing a diverse portfolio of products and services and has worked in regional, national and global roles. He has a unique blend of B2B and B2C experience and has worked in emerging and mature markets. Key areas of his expertise are P&L Management, Fund Raise, Operations, Financial Management, Strategy, Marketing Management, Project Management, Contract Management, Sales Management, Key Account Management, PR, Channel Development, Media Management and Community Services.

Anand has been a director on the board of 11 LLCs (Reime NIS) and has gathered rich experience in Board Management, Corporate Governance, Business Leadership and exposure to the external stakeholders.

Having worked in India, South Africa, Sub Saharan Africa (Kenya, Ghana, Uganda, Nigeria, Tanzania, Rwanda, Zambia, Madagascar, Ivory Coast, DRC and the Middle East and Nepal and with experience interacting with multiple cultures, Anand has acquired strong cross-cultural leadership competencies and global interpersonal skills and perspective.

Anand holds a graduate degree in Humanities and has undergone a leadership program from IIM, Calcutta besides various training programs and the same provide him with a good commercial acumen and business technology understanding.

Anand is a sports enthusiast and plays tennis, badminton and golf!

· P&L Management, Marketing Management, Strategy, Fund Raise, Sales Management

· Operations, Contract Management, Financial Management, Project Management

· Channel Development, Key Account Management, PR, Media Management

· Community Services