Assistant Manager and Traveller in Pune, Maharashtra, India

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I am an Assistant Manager & Traveller currently living in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

My interest ranges from travel to food. I am also interested in Riding and photography.

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I have done my Bachelors in Engineering and later post graduated in Marketing Management. With all this, currently I am working with NBFC. Rest you can visit my LinkedIn profile mentioned in below links.

I am interested in travelling since childhood. Because that's what my family taught me.

Travelling makes you to see Happy People, Sad People, Angry People, Tired People, Drunk truckers, Beggars of all shapes, sizes and disabilities, Joyful faces, Poor faces, Hope Filled Faces, Resigned Faces, Naughty Faces and what not.

One might be travelling Solo but One is never Alone. Thank You..!!!