Anand M Asokan

Palakkad, Kerala

I always try to view things in my own way and nobody can ever convince me with corrections. This has its worse part too... "Learning From Mistakes" is an interesting thing.. But u know, some of the best things in life are total mistakes! And I used to learn from mistakes and do them again, Perfectly.. ;)

I pay a lot of value to my friends more then anyone.. The ones to whom I can share everything.. Maybe a few in number, but they are the ones whom I always love to be with...

Everybody say that Im a shy kinda guy, who doesn't know how to mingle with people, always stayin back, reserved, bla bla blaa.. Let them xpress their opinions never mind, but, I, Me, Myself , is the best one in this world ( To the best of My knowledge ;) ). You'll know when you get closer to me but hey, that's never easy!!

I love music..!! Really a 'healing factor' during my bad times. . But some times I cant listen to some songs due to the nostalgia that comes along with them ! (small secrets! ;) ) Still Its 24x7 music in my schedule. I love to play violin (Not those learning lessons but something of my own or some favorite film songs ;) ), another pass time.

Seriously speaking Im such a gud 'waster' of time! ( Especially during my exam days :D )

If i keep on typing, this whole thing wont be enuf for telling 'about me' So find the rest out for yourself.

N you know, You can never find the right person if you can't let go of the wrongs... So let go of the wrongs in me so that i can be the right one 4 u..

  • Education
    • B.Tech. EEE