Anand Sanghvi

New York, NY

Anand Sangvhi aka "Sang Lucci" is an aggressive large cap options trader and educator. He constantly seeks to deepen his understanding of US equity and options markets and further master the art of Tape Reading, his specialized method of real time price analysis.

Anand's goal as an educator is to teach the world how the options markets actually work, cutting a harsh light through the dark pools that the markets have become. Everyday he witnesses and documents seemingly inexplicable price moves, market maker manipulation, liquidity evaporation, the influence of special order types, belligerent fakeouts, and a host of other forces that combine to make it nearly impossible for a new trader to survive. Through learning to master the art of tape reading, a real time transactional report of equity sales, he has found a profitable niche allows him to consistently beat the average market return by a wide margin.

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  • Work
    • Sang Lucci Capital Partners
  • Education
    • University of Massachusetts Boston