Anand Singh

New Delhi

More than 3 years of experience as business manager, operations supervisor project management and supply chain in an IT, automobile ancillary, NGO and Education industry. Extensive experience in customer relationship management, sales, and operations. Experienced consultant in operation strategy and sourcing in global context. Outstanding communication and presentation skills, proven in managing multi-cultural and diverse teams. Offer an excellent customer & vendor relationship building, contarct negotiation and project management skills with proven ability in deliverying projects in strict budgets and timescales.
A first class MBA graduate with excellent problem solving and analytical skills; seeking a career position to extend strategy consultancy, operations, procurement & supply chain management and project management experience.

Coming from a successful business background allowed me to have my first rendezvous with the art of management. My involvement in the household business chores, during early teenage years inculcated an aptitude and appetite for acquiring knowledge in this field. I thoroughly enjoyed spending my leisure hours in helping my father with handling accounts, planning ways to enhance business, designing promotional campaigns and the like, but little did I know at that point that one day I would decide to take it up as my future career. The decision to choose management as a vocation has come after a yearlong deliberation and contemplation. Schooling at boarding Public Schools imbibed in me a sense of responsibility and discipline in all aspects of my life. Then I completed my further studies in Law from Ramaiah College, Bangalore University with first class. The knowledge that I have gained over the years through my education and various experiences have shown me the path I should follow. These experiences helped me discover myself. As a law major in college, I developed excellent evaluation, reasoning and critical judgement skills and improved my ability to interpret and explain complex information clearly. I also have confident and persuasive oral communication skills. I co-founded an IT service company in 2011 – in partnership with my counterpart in United Kingdom. I have handled all ground level activities in India since the incorporation of the company and have been instrumental in successfully promoting and selling product and services in India. Don't follow a trend. Follow your heart.

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    • Auto Ancillary,
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    • MBA
    • BA, Law