Anant Agarwal

Raleigh, North Carolina

I am a graduate student at NC State University doing my Masters in Computer Science with research interests in Applied Machine Learning and Data Science.

In Summer 2012, I did my internship at Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi under Dr. K. K. Biswas where I worked on developing a modified local linear SVM classifier using clustering algorithms and approximated the RBF Kernel using Random Fourier Features. In Summer 2011, I worked under Dr. Biswas on developing with the SMO algorithm using a hash table data structure as compared to a traditional array implementation.

I have also worked on a number of projects that have given me a very good experience of working with large datasets and mining useful inferences from them. Through coursework like Machine Learning, Data Science, Spoken Dialogue Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Information Retreival and Data Mining etc. I have gained a very intuitve insight in the current research and development in this domain.

I am a sport programmer and a data science enthusiast. I love working on challening problems and learning new technologies.

  • Work
    • North Carolina State University
  • Education
    • North Carolina State University