Ananya Saxena

Dubai, UAE

Born and raised in urban Dubai, UAE, my knack for international relations is derived from the culturally diverse yet assimilated aura of my surroundings. I am Ananya, 16, and rising junior. Perhaps the most interesting fact about me is that I was born on Pi Day, making it not only a date extremely easy to remember, but also making me a birthday buddy with the theoretical physicist and genius, Albert Einstein. I am Indian by nationality, but believe that I am above and foremost a global citizen.

I became a part of the institution that is Model United Nations at the age of 13, in my last year of middle school. A public speaking naturalist, what challenged me the most about MUN was how much it focused on having an understanding of current affairs, and being able to analyze, support, and solute them. After several self-contradictions and unanswerable Points of Information, I finally developed an enjoyment for the news, and consequently world politics and economics.

Since then, I have gone on to serve as a delegate in the League of Arab States representing Sultanate of Oman, Japan in the First General Assembly, Malta in the Fourth General Assembly, and as the Deputy Chair of the Third General Assembly at conferences namely DIAMUN and THIMUN The Hague.

I became affiliated with Online Model United Nations, or O-MUN in short, four months ago via the UAE National Program. Instantaneously, I was hooked. The ability to practice my MUN skills was what got me to sign up for more and more debates, however the camaraderie of the members in this program is why it has become an integral part of my life in such a short period of time. To be able to make friends from all parts of the world and associate myself with a community that transcends physical borders to give students a chance to debate on the issues of the United Nations, is what makes O-MUN a unique and fantastic program.

As the Social Media Officer for 2014-2015, I aim to extend the size of O-MUN, a program bursting with potential by using Social Media networks- a place where the youth can voice their opinions and make a change. Furthermore, I want to strengthen the bonds of the members of this club, a family of UN aficionados and diplomats of the future.

Besides reading world news and seeking stimulating debate, I play the clarinet, learn Kathak (Indian classical dance) and volunteer at Dubai Cares- a local NGO.

  • Work
    • Social Media Officer, O-MUN 2014-2015
  • Education
    • Emirates International School- Meadows, Dubai