Ana Palencia

Condesa, México

In my thirties. Born and raised in Mexico City.

Founder and owner of a lingerie boutique along with my sister and mom, which means we pretty much do everything: from mailings to buying collections to PR to decorating and redecorating it, to actually running and administrating the boutique.

I have a lingerie boutique because I love lingerie and love even more what it can do for a woman's self esteem, there is nothing like rocking a lacy sexy bra. I want women to wear their right bra size and feel beautiful, and I want them to know that beautiful lingerie should not be saved just for a special ocassion, it should be worn on gloomy Mondays and lazy Sundays, to go to the supermarket and, yes, for a particularly special event.

I am always on the lookout for a new project, either personal or business wise.

Fashion addict, book lover, dachshund enthusiast.