Ana Paula Gómez Madriñán

Marketing Junior Manager and Student in Madrid, España

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Every morning when I wake up I drink a cup of traditional Colombian coffee, as this is where I am from. This fact impact on my ideas and increment my creative side.

I am an authentic person. I like things to be clear and easy to see. I respect others and I also like to be respected.

A couple year sago when I lived in the United States, I started to build myself as a strong communicator, while I did something that really takes out the best of me, I taught salsa dancing to American people, it was challenging for a 15 year old girl, but I could transmit them the Latin fever and made them felt in love with it, as I am.

This, and living in Europe, two whole different realities far away from my home, have been transcendental to set me up as an autonomous person and a global analytical thinker.

I am currently finishing my master in International Marketing and business in of the most prestigious business schools in Spain. These are areas that I have always been passionate about.

I have gained invaluable and unique experiences working in the fields of branding, business development and human behavior.

Even thought my experiences were rewarding and challenging, I can still consider myself a person who has space to learn in the professional world. I am not afraid to new beginnings.

My work ethic is the base of all my actions. I am a curious person, who has the ability to work in multidisciplinary groups, confront risks, overcome obstacles, and who is willing to learn and adapt to different situations.

  • Work
    • Acqua Santa Lofts Hotel
  • Education
    • Sup de Co Business School
    • Universidad Icesi