Anapaula Ocampo

Hello welcome to my little place!!!! I'm currently having an amazing adventure in New York City, where I study Musical Theatre program at New York Film Academy. Three of the audience clapping is the best feeling ever, knowing my passions are singing, acting and dancing I started to realize that this was my thing that I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Seeing that they felt really connected with your performance, or they tell you that just to seeing you or hearing you, you got them chills.

I started dancing when I was 11 years, then I got involved with Tap dancing. I was invited to a lot of festivals and concerts to make presentations and last year I presented “Círculos en el Jardín” that won the annual regional theatre award for Best Play and Best Actress.

Feel proud of your body and soul, life is full of blessings and positive vibes, continue in the journey of your life, and always be grateful of what is around you! :)