Ana Reznikova

This picture was taken last summer on my senior trip to the Bahamas. I have been to the Bahamas multiple times, but last summer was by far the most special trip I have ever been on. Graduating from a very small private school, I had the opportunity to grow up with each individual in my class. I graduated with forty people in my grade and we were all close enough to be family. The morning after graduation all forty of us pilled on a bus and took the twelve-hour drive to Miami to board our ship. This trip is a tradition at my school and it is the trip that is anticipated by all of the underclassmen until the day it is their turn to go on it. Although we were all very tired from graduation festivities from the night before, we were all extremely excited to do one final thing together as a class.

Everyone in our grade stayed on one hallway of the ship. We all stayed up late and bonded over memories that we had shared with each other through out the years. One chaperone came with us, although she was not much of a chaperone but more of a friend. My favorite activity that we did on the trip was go horseback riding in the ocean. This picture represents a memory that my best friends and I will remember forever and still talk about to this day.