Anar Mammadov

In 2011, Anar Mammadov founded the Azerbaijan America Alliance, which took the knowledge he had acquired through years of study and running successful businesses, and applying it to a not-for-profit organization which has benefited both the Azerbaijan population and the Azeri diaspora.

Born in 1981, Anar Mammadov worked interminably to achieve a number of important academic qualifications by the time he was only 24 years of age. In 2003, he graduated from Baku State University with a degree in Law, followed quickly by a bachelor's degree and then Master's degree in Business Administration from the American Intercontinental University in London.

After completing his studies in 2005, Anar Mammadov incorporated his own company that very same year. Initially called ZQAN Holding, and later Garant Holding in 2013, the investment company started off small but soon made a big splash both domestically and abroad. In just nine years Garant Holding amassed 18 subsidiaries and nearly 30 brands through a series of intelligent acquisitions and mergers. The company has been ongoing consistently as a shining example of ethical business practices, committing itself to the promotion of ideals such as social responsibility, hard work and reward.

Through Anar Mammadov's stewardship, Garant Holding has played a positive role in a number of Azerbaijan industries including:

• Hospitality
• Transport
• Telecommunications
• Construction
• Marketing
• Publishing

On top of creating a successful business from the ground up, Anar Mammadov is also well known as the founder of the Azerbaijan America Alliance – a not-for-profit charity which promotes the cultural, historical and economics of all Azeri people. The Alliance has been instrumental in forging closer ties with the USA, while campaigning rigorously for the repeal of American legislation which has put the Azeri diaspora at a disadvantage.

Alongside his interest in business and charitable causes, Anar Mammadov has also spearheaded an initiative to promote the sport of golf within Azerbaijan. As the president of the Azerbaijan Golf Federation, he has overseen the building of the country's first ever golf course and a range of first class training and leisure facilities to accompany it. In 2014, these efforts were rewarded as Azerbaijan was officially selected to host part of th