Ana Rubio-Serrano, PH.D.

Specialist in Corporate Storytelling and Author Book in Barcelona, España

Ana Rubio-Serrano is specialist in Corporate Storytelling and an Author Book, currently living in Barcelona, Spain.

She is a Ph.D. specialized in Behavioral Ethics. The core of her work has always been, 'The Other Matters.'

And, yes, she has a lifelong love affair with writing. Innovative author on history, ethics, coaching, and storytelling connects authentically with the thoughts and feelings of people.

We all know that stories connect with people on a deeper, emotional level, and this is critical for influencing the behavior of others. For Rubio-Serrano, storytelling is not just a tool, but the emotional developer kit that goes with the person so they can use their passion and creativity to build an ethical and viral message to take action.

The keys are: 1) captivating the world with global stories turning them glocal; 2) from storytelling to storydoing-creating calls to action.

"Creating a story is about reshaping a strategy."

She can tailor your story to Creative Presentations and Nonstop Ideas.

Video: Introducing Ana Rubio-Serrano.

"It's Time for Storytelling, it's Time for Storydoing."

Her passion for deep stories, informs her writings.

Over 20 publications translated into different languages. Some of them are

- "The Nazis & Evil. The Annihilation of the Human Being."

- "The human being, the heart of the message of Pope Francis."

- "Racial Hygiene and the Third Reich."

- "Antonia de Venecia," among others.

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  • Education
    • University of Barcelona
    • Case Western Reserve University
    • University of California, San Diego