Anas AL-zghoul

Web Developer, Software Engineer, and Photographer in Amman Governorate, Jordan

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I'm a Jordanian developer, who is experienced in creating high-quality Web/Mobile application.

I have started to code back when i was 13 years old, and quick enough it became my hobby, i have completed my first project (completed it from A to Z) when i was at age 15, and i decided that this is what i wanna do for a living (love your job to do what you love they say).

I have worked in my first company and got exposed to enterprise work-style and project types when i was 18 years old (first year at collage), i worked there for ~4 years as part-time developer.

I have switched many technologies and many positions and i have proven my self to be strong at, i have worked as .NET Windows Forms Developer, WPF/Silverlight Developer, .NET Web Back-End Developer, PHP Developer, SQL Server Developer, Oracle Forms Developer .... and the list continues as i like to be hybrid in the company i work in and contribute with whatever team who lacks some resources.

In my free time, since we graduated from collage, had a stable job, i develop small apps that matches my interest in cryptography & AI, i'm discovering new things, studying neural networks and machine learning ... And Eating Pizza :D