Ana Santellana

DFW, Texas

What makes a person "social savvy"?

Knowledge? Passion? Experience? Creativity?

I believe all aspects together is what truly makes a person an ideal social marketer.

As one who has "lived & breathed" social media since the late 90's, I believe I grasp an undestanding of the importance of cultivating relationships via social networks.

I have worked in the social media realm for the past 8 years but have been an avid lover of social media and trends since I was in High School and using MySpace! Even back then, I'd try to create innovative and unique content for my page by teaching myself how to code in HTML...and then charging my friends when they wanted me to update their pages.

My career has taken me from working to build brand awareness through coordinated efforts with sales and creative teams while also managing the social media networks of a DFW based CE accessories manufacturer to now strategizing a social engagement plan and managing/analyzing the social chatter for 7-Eleven, Inc.

  • Work
    • Social Marketing Manager
  • Education
    • B.S. Marketing