Anas Jaghoub

Web developer at ChoozOn corporation.

Manager of AABU GTUG (Google Technologies User Group).

Studied Computer Science at Al Al Bayt University (AABU) 2007-2011.

Interested in / Supporter to Cloud Computing.

Interested in windows-based development using (C#.NET and JAVA).

Attentive to Google's developer technology, specially Google App Engine platforms, and Chrome extensions.

Looking forward to extending the knowledge base and student's awareness about Google's technology, In order to achieve development and improvements.

Faith in "Knowledge to All" and "Sharing is Caring", and try as possible to spread these two important ideas to all.

Starter of the initiative "Made in AABU".

Board member of Microsoft AABU .Net Club 2009-present.

Supporter to Open Source communities.