anastacia brice

Integrity & Foundations Coach; Founder in Baltimore, Maryland

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Born the only child of two alcoholic narcissists, my life was 100% about what my parents chose for me until I was 30 and realized I had no idea who I was. I ended our toxic relationship, and began the difficult-but-exciting work to learn what love is, and claim my life as my own.

Along the way, I've challenged belief after belief, to discover who I am and what I prefer in life. I've crafted my life to suit me, and I'm the happiest person I know.

In 1997, I founded (we're the folks who formalized the Virtual Assistance profession!), where I remain the President and Chief Visionary Officer. I'm proud that we've supported thousands of people in changing their lives through changing their work.

In addition, as an integrity and foundations coach in private practice, I help women create strong foundations under their service businesses and their lives so that they can live with integrity (being whole, and right with themselves). I also support women with conscious aging, legacy creation, and exploring the journey at end of life.

I provide my clients with thoughtful insights, sage advice, discerning strategies, and proactive problem solving, all of which are born from my unconventional life experience, my business acumen, and my pioneering heart.

Believing in having no plan B, I've spent the past 20+ years happily and successfully making my own way and working with women who want to do the same.

My message is a bold one: the life we're given isn’t the life we’re required to live, and it’s our absolute birthright and sacred duty to live life as it makes sense to us, every moment of every day right up until we take our last breaths.

I help women subvert what they believe to get to what's true. Foundations built on truth are the strongest and serve us, and the world, best.

(Some) Things that matter to me: maitri as a meditative and spiritual practice, connecting deeply, cities, language, love, living at choice (and always choosing the the path of truth), hugging giraffes (live ones!), and cheese...I love cheese.

I am a proud native of Baltimore, MD, where I share my beautiful life with with my husband, Dominic, and our two cats, Molly, and Sebastian.

There are many possibilities for us to connect. I hope you'll say hi, and let me know if there's anything at all that I can do for or with you.

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