Marcelin Anastasia

Anastasia MarcelinWinner of Canada Inspiring leader 2015, RECOPAC .Certificate Lancement d’Entreprise, SAJE, 2015Certificate of Recognition, 2014Certificate Entrepreneurial School, 2014Initiator of the first natural hair show for Black Woman in CanadaInitiator first natural hairshow at the prestigious Marriott Hotel newly built in HaitiI have launched a program for a dream weekend for the orphans and less fortunate kids.

My name is Anastasia Marcelin, president of the EBF NAPPY FAMILY company. I am the northern and southern woman, I am trench between two countries that I love. In one side, I am Haitian first, I was born and I grew up in Haiti, I had the most beautiful moments of my life in Haiti and my umbilical cord was buried there. On the other side, in Canada, specifically the province of Quebec which is my home ground, gave me a priceless gift; that is changing. This land has taught me how to transform things and how to adapt to situations around us. I studied in the dental field; nonetheless, I am also a hairdresser, makeup artist, stylist, event organizer and I do a little comedy show especially in Haitian plays. My profession in a word is: working on self-esteem, and I believe in what I do and I know it can bring something positive to Haiti because it was the case in Quebec. Quebec showed me that to be heard, to have a positive impact and to be respected, we have to become that strong voice for ourselves and others. Lastly, I have learned that we should always go ahead, have faith in God, and dare in order to be successful.My mail is or

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