Anastasia Adams

Student, Cinemark Employee, and Payless Sales Associate in Anna, Texas

Hello! You want to know a little bit about me? Well lets start out with the basics. My name is Anastasia Adams and I am 17 years old. I currently am working two jobs; Cinemark for a year and Payless for two months.

By that you can probably make the assumption that I am a hard worker, which is true. My ambition drives me to work as hard as I can now, that way I will have an easier life later on. Which leads me into my next topic: My Future.

As of currently I am trying to get accepted into Ottawa University and major in Biochemical Engineering. ¨Ottawa University?¨ you may ask yourself. To answer your question, no that is not in the United States. It is, in fact, in Canada.

As a child I grew up moving from state to state. Never living in the same place for more than 6 months. Traveling has been instilled in me as the normal way of life, therefore making me a nomadic person. That being said, I wish to branch out and go farther. See bigger and better places, which as it turns out, has taken me to want to study abroad.

Next, let me explain the Biochemical Engineering degree that I wish to achieve. That degree allows me to branch out with many different jobs, but my heart is on dentistry. Not just a dentist, though. An Orthodontist. I plan on getting my Biochemical Engineering degree, my dentistry degree, and then my professional degree.

Why orthodontics? It started as a simple love for teeth, then it branched out when I got my braces. Everything about having braces fascinated me and going to the monthly orthodontics trips gave me indescribable excitement. After I got them removed I felt longing to go back, just being in that environment was motivational. That is when I decided that working with teeth is what I wanted to do with my life.

Thank you for reading! I hope that, if anything, after reading this you feel inspired.